Green Procurement Reporting 2014-15

Green Procurement Reporting for the NBC not bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act (RPP-2014-15)

Mandatory reporting on meeting the requirements of Section 7 of the Policy on Green Procurement, as applicable to departments and agencies bound by the Policy on Green Procurement but not the Federal Sustainable Development Act.

Strategies / Comments :

The NBC will review the last three years of its three-year sustainable development action plan, continue the  measures undertaken during these years and establish a new project schedule, all of which will be overseen by the Secretary/Director General.

  • Green procurement to reduce environmental impacts :

Adding to measure already implemented in the last few years:

    • Proceed with the installation of solar-energy, environmentally friendly ticket machines on the entire territory to replace the parking meters;
    • Purchase a new more up-to-date and less polluting bus;
    • Prepare a mobile application to help reduce the quantity of printed matter;
    • Strive to renew the vehicle fleet according to new technologies (electrical, hybrid) to help save on fossil fuel consumptions;
    • Participate in an Information Sharing Day on ecological purchasing practices offered by PWGSC;
    • Analyse all automated office, computer and promotional equipment already in place to optimize use, promote recycling and reduce paper consumption.

  • Procurement management processes and controls : 

    • Proceed to raise the awareness of personnel, suppliers and subcontractors on the notions of responsible purchasing;
    • Proceed to develop a responsible purchasing awareness guide for the information of all NBC buyers;
    • Proceed to integrate sustainable development criteria into invitation to tender documents;
    • Control the lighting design for the Joan of Arc Garden scenery.

An annual follow-up concerning the implementation of the sustainable development plan will be carried out with all managers.