For your special activities, conferences, meetings, symposiums and family gatherings, our explosive cocktail blending humour, history and interactivity will conquer the minds of all your guests.

Period activities are our way of inviting you to meet the characters that embody the history of the Plains of Abraham, and to experience their everyday life. Between theatre and re-enactment, period presentations are meant as a dynamic approach to help us discover our heritage!



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Accompanied by a member of the Canadian militia, learn about the history of the Siege of Québec City and of the battles of the Plains of Abraham. In an evocative, interactive setting, find out about the crimes, punishments and laws in force. Take part in an incredible immersive screening featuring original, often moving, accounts of those who lived through the battles of the Plains of Abraham. Then, join in and explore military life from every angle. Finally, admire treasures from the magnificent collection of artefacts in the Identities exhibition.



Learn about the rich history of this prestigious park accompanied by Wolfe, Montcalm, or Abraham Martin. These period characters can tailor their approach to suit your interests.

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Learn all about the historic battles and take a ringside seat to watch a friendly clash between generals Wolfe and Montcalm. To decide who will be the winner between these two generals, a contest is organized in which you will take part. A musket loading competition, military quiz and surgery will seal this thorny situation permanently.


Taxes not included
PeriodDurationMeeting place
Battles | 1759-1760
Self-directed tour
$9.25 / age 18‑64
$9.00 / 65 or older*
Year-round 1 h 30 Plains of Abraham Museum
Guided tour
$10.00 / age 18-64
$9.50 / 65 or older*
Year-round** 1 h 30 Plains of Abraham Museum
Guided Tour of the Park $6.75 / age 18-64
$6.25 / 65 or older*
Year-round Variable Plains of Abraham Museum
Customized Visit Variable depending on the activity
Wolfe and Montcalm $6.75 / age 18-64
$6.25 / 65 or older*
Year-round 1 h to 1 h 30 Plains of Abraham Museum

* A minimum fee will apply.
**During the summer period, activities are not available during the opening hours of the Plains of Abraham Museum.

When booking a group, activity cancellation or schedule modification fees may apply. This policy will be sent to you in writing at the time of reservation.

Some activities can be adapted for special needs groups and groups of persons with disabilities.

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  • A dining-room can be available on request.
  • Prices do not include taxes.
  • Prices and details are subject to change.