A stroll in the park

What could be more enjoyable than a stroll through the Plains of Abraham?

To the south you will discover Cap-aux-Diamants and climb up to the Grey terrace where you can feast your eyes on an unrestricted view of the river. Between these two points you can get a feeling of coolness in the city as you follow the nature path that runs along the cliff. Located between the Cap Blanc staircase and the Gilmour Hill, this fascinating nature course with a historic twist bids you to follow the country’s first herbalists. Encircling the Québec Citadel, the glorious counterscarp trail will lead you to the recently redesigned Pierre-Dugua-de Mons terrace, steps away from the Château Frontenac.

Park Map

From east to west, lend your ears to what history has to tell through the commemorative plaques, monuments and interpretation panels. Admire the gun collection, the centennial fountain and the sundial and enjoy the concerts presented at the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand. To the north, discover or rediscover the quiet charm of the Des Braves Park and smell the sweet scents of the Joan of Arc Garden. Keep walking and you will locate quiet, peaceful spots for a picnic or for reading and relaxing It is up to you now to enjoy a dose of fresh air in the middle of the city.

Arboretum on the park

XII World Forestry Congress Commemorative Garden

The National Battlefields Commission welcomes the XII World Forestry Congress Commemorative Garden on the Plains of Abraham. Inaugurated on September 20, 2003 and located at the top of the Cap Blanc stairs, the Commemorative Garden is meant to be a front door opening on the nature trail, a unique, rewarding experience for budding naturalists.

This arboretum, which contains twenty-eight different species, is a portrayal of the trees characteristic of Canadian provinces and territories, as well as specimens from all over the world that are associated with them. The arboretum invites strollers to pursue their quest for knowledge in the nature trail running for 1.5 km alongside Cap-aux-Diamants in the wildest sector of the Plains. Located between Cap Blanc and Gilmour Hill, this hiking trail leads you to the riches and distinctive features of the park’s woodland, in addition to introducing you to the finds of the country’s earliest herbalists.

Dogs on the park

Since its creation, Battlefields Park has seen millions of shoes and paws treading its soil. Whether you are alone or with your family, with friends or a faithful canine friend, the Plains are an idyllic place to make the most of the great outdoors on any occasion.

To keep your park clean and so that everyone can take full advantage of these wide-open green expanses, it is important that all dog owners follow a number of civic rules in order to avoid health, aesthetic and ecological problems.

Be sure to keep your dog on a leash at all times (not over 3 m long) and to collect your dog’s faeces using a plastic bag and dispose of it accordingly. Your actions are a reflection of your civic and ecological sense.

This notice contains a reminder and a map of the plastic bag dispensers on the park.

Notice - Dogs on the park

Thank you for helping us keep your park clean and preserve a wholesome area where it is pleasant to go for a stroll.

Fresh air and tranquility for all

In an effort to make the park more enjoyable for the visitors, Commission employees are sensitizing heavy vehicles and bus drivers to cut the engine when stopped to avoid useless idling.