Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand

In the heart of the Plains of Abraham, a stone’s throw from Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, rediscover the magnificent stage of the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand.


In keeping with tradition, the Bandstand will resonate this summer to a variety of catchy tunes, ranging from country music to rock and including Québécois music, rap, and traditional Innu chants.

Musical performances, organized family activities, a night of Irish entertainment, and a storytelling night will be presented for free against the enchanting backdrop of the park. 

Consult the 2024 Calendar section, at the top right of your screen, to discover all the artists and groups who will be performing on stage from June 13 to August 24.

You can also download the PDF version of the program.

Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand



New this year, you'll be able to savour foods and beverages at Café La Maison Smith, available at the Central Pavilion.

Café La Maison Smith

Edwin Bélanger (1910 - 2005)

M. Edwin Bélanger"Musicians may come and go, but the music remains…"

Inaugurated in 1993, this musical bandstand, which comes alive during the summer, was named after a distinguished personality who greatly contributed to the growth of Québec City’s musical scene: Captain Edwin Bélanger.

A violinist, viola player, conductor, arranger, composer and teacher, this Montmagny native was one of the founders of the Cercle Philharmonique de Québec, an institution he brilliantly directed for seven years. For nine years he also held the reins of the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec, brightening its repertoire with variety and boldness. It was also during this mandate that this inspired man with a heart of gold set up the Matinées symphoniques de l'OSQ, to arouse in children a taste for the magic of music. His 24-year involvement in La Musique du Royal 22e Régiment helped publicize the pieces played by this regiment throughout the world. He was also president of the Association des musicians de Québec.

After enjoying a long-standing, rewarding career, Mr. Bélanger passed away on January 14, 2005, at the age of 94. Many musicians and music lovers will treasure lasting memories of this great man who left his mark on Québec City’s musical and cultural landscape.         

Frequently Asked Questions
Access and parking
Show Cancellations
Previous Editions

Frequentely Asked Questions

Are events cancelled when it rains?
Events will take place rain or shine. They are cancelled only as a last resort when weather conditions constitute a threat to the artist and public. They cannot be relocated or postponed. When possible, the cancellation is announced on the Plains of Abraham Facebook page. Please note that the decision can be made at the last minute.

How much are the events?
Cultural events at the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand are free.

Are there bathroom facilities on site?
Bathrooms are available at the Pavilion, near the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand.

What time are the events?
It depends. See the program for more information about the cultural events.

Where is the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand?
The Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand is located on the Plains of Abraham in Québec City, a stone's throw from Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. You can see its location on the park's map.

Where can I find this summer's program?
The 2024 program is available in the Calendar 2024 tab.

Can I bring a chair?
Yes, absolutely. You can bring chairs and blankets to comfortably enjoy the show.

Can I arrive early for a picnic?
What a great idea! You are more than welcome to arrive early and enjoy the Plains of Abraham before the show. Starting in June, you will also be able to savour foods and drinks from the Café La Maison Smith at the central pavilion.

Can I eat on site?
Of course! You are welcome to bring a picnic or enjoy foods and drinks from the Café La Maison Smith at the central pavilion, starting in June.

Can I submit my application as an artist?
Spontaneous applications are not accepted for the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand.


Access and Parking

You can either walk, take a bus, car pool or park your vehicle in the parking lots on the Plains of Abraham. For evening evenings, parking is also available next to the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand starting at 5 p.m. at a cost of $9 (until 11 p.m.).


Notice about show cancellations

The National Battlefields Commission would like to remind the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand enthusiasts that the events will only be cancelled if the weather poses a threat to the artists or the spectators. Such a decision will be taken during the evening, at the time the show would be scheduled to begin, to give Mother Nature a fighting chance to cooperate.

The Commission makes a point to present quality entertainment according to the schedule, and cannot postpone a cancelled event, nor host it elsewhere.


Past Editions

2023 Program




7:20 p.m.


An energetic young man, Elliot has been a singer since early childhood. He made his debut on stage in Grade 7 with a cover of Fred Pellerin’s “Tenir debout” and a second song written with a band formed with his friends at school. His band has performed many times at major school events, and even participated in the Secondaire en spectacle competition to the regional championships. Becoming the audience favourite multiple times, he has persevered and grown, developing his passion into an art.

Elliot has participated in Camp chanson Québecor in Petite-Vallée for three years and has even been awarded grants to register as a singer-songwriter. Accompanied by his guitar, Elliot’s list of shows is ever growing, and he continues to add to his repertoire of French and English songs, drawing from both current hits and the classics.



7:40 p.m.

Michel Pagliaro


At 75 years well lived, Michel Pagliaro is a Quebec rock icon.

PAG’s experience all started in 1966 in recording studios, where he composed, wrote, and recorded many timeless hits that still resonate with French and English speakers alike.

Accompanied by a musician, PAG revisits the hits he wrote and performed in a more intimate atmosphere.

No doubt that he will find a way to make his listeners sing and dance like there’s no tomorrow!



8 p.m.

Soirée de contes

Can someone die of a broken heart? Many stories throughout the centuries lead us to believe… yes! Let a cast of colourful characters retell these passionate stories of true love.

Travel back to the 20th century with Philomène and Télesphore. Through two stories, they will unveil the real lives of men and women of the past, from their love lives to their work at the Arsenal. Saucy songs will also liven up the evening.

This is a unique activity that blends history, legends, and music.



7 p.m.

Ya Cetidon

Ya Cetidon is a Congolese rapper currently living in Canada. Ya Cetidon raps, sings, and dances, drawing inspiration from several different genres such as hip-hop, Afrobeats, R&B, and dancehall music. He brings the thunder to all his live performances, and has opened for artists including Fally Ipupa, Niska, Tiakola, Shreez, Manu Militari, and many more in recent years. In the summer of 2023, he closed out the Francos de Montréal festival with his first headliner performance and was invited to perform with Loud on the main stage. Ya Cetidon has released many singles and music videos, with over three million plays on digital streaming platforms and over a million views on YouTube.

The rapper has collaborated with several Montréal artists, most notably with Dee End on his single “Débloquer” and with M-Press and Jeekay on “Loketo”. In July 2023, he released a mini-EP featuring two songs with Loud, which is being promoted in Quebec and France.



8 p.m.


Rap Queb Monuments is the culmination of a long journey and a celebration of 25 years for Taktika as a group. The band will draw on their large repertoire under a spectacular fireworks display to give their audience an unforgettable experience. High energy, strong emotions, nostalgia guaranteed!




8:00 p.m. 

After triumphing on Canada’s Got Talent, Jeanick Fournier is now ready to present her new show. With three albums to her credit, including two with the Universal Music Canada label, this new show will be a clever mix of original songs and nods to the 5 Divas who have inspired her since the very beginning!

Accompanied by her talented team, Jeanick is sure to charm you with her powerful voice and the accuracy of her interpretations. She has the ability to touch souls with magic and immerse people in pure emotion! Her performances are worthy of Broadway that will touch your heart and make you want to let your emotions flow.

Enjoy a whirlwind of happiness!



7:30 p.m.

Shannon Irish Dancers

A fantastic evening of Irish entertainment stars the Shannon Irish Dancers and local singers and musicians from Shannon and beyond.

The audience will be fascinated by the grace and vitality of these incredible dancers, and the singing and wonderful music will have you tapping your feet and clapping your hands as if you were back in Ireland. This performance should not be missed!



1:30 p.m.


Launch a miniature rocket over 10 metres with the power of air pressure and design a wooden bridge that can support your weight. Concoctions, solubility, and transparency: it’s the festival of chemical experiments and strange substances!



8 p.m.

For over 20 years, Karma Kameleons has resonated with thousands of people in Quebec with the hits that defined the 1980s.

The group has constantly refreshed their style and has a large repertoire ranging from heartthrob hits by Rick Astley to rock’n’roll classics from AC/DC. This is a show full of joy and dance. The set list has been chosen to evoke the most memorable moments from the 1980s and get you on your feet!

In addition to costumed musicians, the group also includes dancers and a video-concept format that must be seen to be believed.



19 h


Living musical legend, Guy Cardinal is a singer and pianist who has travelled across North America, changing the lives of audience members with the groove of his energetic and sincere performances. Blind from a very young age, Guy Cardinal uses humour to embrace his disability and even makes it his strength, never hesitating to chase his creative dreams or shy away from his ambitions. He promises an emotional evening and invites music lovers to enjoy this experience with him.



8 p.m.

Fall back into your memories with Rock City and enjoy an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

Revisiting the greatest hits of the 1980s, from power ballads to smash hits, this show is the ideal partner for your corporate events, special evenings, resto bar entertainment, festivals, and outdoor shows.

Jean-Marc Gauvin is the founding singer, with 35 years of experience on stage, and is known for his powerful and enchanting voice. Accompanied by backup singers and experienced musicians, you will feel the magic during these varied and powerful performances.



8 p.m.

At the age of 14, Anik St-Pierre released a 45-rpm disc and made numerous public appearances. At 16, Anik began writing lyrics and composing the music for her own songs. In 2015, Anik released an album of original songs titled Il est une fois.

In 2021, Anik was a contestant on season 10 of The Voice in France. The only Canadian in the running, she charmed French audiences.

Over the last few months, Anik has made her mark in the 2024 season of Quebec’s La Voix, where she made it as far as the Duels stage.

She is currently putting together an album of original songs, many of which she co-wrote.



1:30 p.m.

Cousins Bob and Ben are two oddballs, one fanciful, the other surprising. For them, everything is a pretext to wordplay and good fun.

This show has something for everyone: small and large unicycles, object balancing, balancing boards, diabolos, hats, balls, knives, surprise audience participation acts, and more. The unlikely often triggers huge bouts of laughter! Les Cousins: an explosive duo that spits fire.



7 p.m.


Yannick Lanthier was the first actor to play Mark in the French adaptation of Rent before he reprised the role in English during the world tour. Yannick Lanthier’s greatest passion is musical comedy, and he devours as much of it as he can.

After travelling the world with the musical spectacular Danse-sing, Yannick returned to Montréal to create the role of Mathieu/Matthew in the Canadian production Altar Boyz/Les z’enfants de choeur. Yannick has also participated in numerous musical productions like The Best of Broadway (in Quebec, specifically at the Bell Centre, in the US, and even at the Cairo Opera House in Egypt), Les légendes du rock and roll, Juke Box, and Les Crooners.

Yannick is incredibly talented and has a mind-blowing energy.




8 p.m.


Looking for something to lift your spirits? France D’Amour’s show is the recommended treatment. With over 40 years of experience and a number of hits, she inspires and entertains with songs from her new album, Quatorze.

This show is funny and comforting, and it gives audience members just what they need: an energy boost! Don’t miss this performance!



1:30 p.m.


Les 4 pattes en folie is a dog show with a ton of variety. Come and have fun as different breeds complete courses, perform jumps, do tricks, and catch frisbees!



20 h

LOVEU2 has covered the greatest hits of U2 since the very beginning of the group’s inception.

Their music, costumes, and stage décor evoke the spirit of the most famous rock band on the planet.

Marco Lemerise, a die-hard Bono fan, puts on an electrifying theatrical performance that is as thrilling as his powerful voice.

LOVEU2 takes us back to the best studio and live performances by the famous band behind three undisputed musical masterpieces: The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, and Everything That You Can’t Leave Behind.



8 p.m.

The show, De Natashquan à Saint-Élie, is a musical journey through the greatest Quebec hits, harmonized exclusively for this performance with the unique sounds of Troupe VBV.

From Vigneault to Pellerin, with big names from Quebec and elsewhere, the Troupe offers a stroll through musical history. The active participation of its singers and musicians will amaze the audience with original songs, enhanced by effective staging and a pinch of musical comedy and theatre.

De Natashquan à Saint-Élie features the biggest hits from the repertoires of some of the most beloved Quebec artists and singers such as Gilles Vigneault, Jean-Pierre Ferland, Stéphane Venne, Fred Pellerin, Robert Charlebois, Renée Claude, Diane Dufresne, Claude Léveillée, Felix Leclerc, Mes Aïeux, Richard Desjardins, and many more!



1:30 p.m.


Ari Cui Cui and her pianist Nico Choco welcome you to the first cabaret for kids! Dressed in sequins and her boa, Ari shines like a thousand stars while performing beautiful medleys of kids’ favourites, like How Far I’ll Go, Let It Go, Hakuna Matata, We Don’t Talk About Bruno, and Do-Re-Mi, as well as songs from shows parents loved as kids, beautiful tunes from Broadway, and the cabaret versions of Ari Cui Cui’s own songs!

Dress up as the star of the show to attend this delightfully fun cabaret!



20 h


The pandemic was not all bad! Enter four experienced musicians from Lévis, all developing their own musical professions, and all devoted Neil Young fans. They decided to combine their shared passion to create an acoustic performance based on the repertoire of this iconic North American folk singer.

This is the story of how Daniel Lizotte (Deadlock – guitar, harmonica, lead vocals), Denis Viel (Songs of Mercy – pedal steel guitar, dobro, accordion, vocals), Francis Leblond (Time it Was – bass, vocals), and Michel Roy (Kevin Parent – drums, vocals) created the Heart of Gold project.

This show features songs drawn from Neil Young’s prolific repertoire of acoustic songs, as well as a few acoustic covers of songs normally played on electric instruments.

From “Heart of Gold” to “Harvest Moon”, from “Comes a Time” to “Southern Man” and “Like a Hurricane”, Neil Young fans will love this warm and authentic interpretation of his music, performed more softly on acoustic instruments. This is a pure moment of joy that is good for the heart and the ears!



7 p.m.


Singer with a passion for Quebec and international music

Gaston Giroux, an accomplished artist and renowned singer, is the essence of Quebec music while still embracing the diversity of international music.

Gifted with a captivating voice and undeniable charm, his repertoire is a musical mosaic of Quebec folk songs, poignant Quebec song lyrics, and timeless melodies from French and English musical traditions. Gaston Giroux has fired up crowds across Quebec, performing unforgettable shows that have become cherished memories.



8 p.m.


The unshakeable rocker known for his enthusiasm and his powerful voice is back with a new southwest-themed show. The performance blurs the lines between rock, blues, and country. Inspired by his favourite southern rock bands, Deschamps adds his signature country touch to his songs through vivid lyrics over music that reflects exactly who he is.

In this festive atmosphere and saloon-style décor, Deschamps will have you jumping to your feet and singing his greatest hits, a few new songs, as well as some spicy covers! Come and join the party!



7 p.m.


Relive the atmosphere of the greatest hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s with parody covers of the artists who made musical history like John Travolta, Elton John, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and more.

Funnier and crazier than ever, Les Studebakers are back with a new show filled with surprises. Don’t miss this event.

Entertainment, dancing, and laughter guaranteed.



8 p.m.


A unique homage to the Latina superstars of the last decades! Celia Cruz, Selena, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Karol G, Dalida, and many more. This festive, rhythmic, and colourful performance is orchestrated by Cuban trombonist Yordan Martinez, who is accompanied by the fantastic musicians of The Cuban Martinez Show. This is a unique performance featuring salsa, merengue, and bachata to delight all world music lovers.



20 h


Katia Rock is a multidisciplinary artist who has pursued a career in the performing arts for over 20 years. She is a very engaged artist, and has completed a number of research and creative projects. Her musical style is inspired in equal measure by the city and her home community of Uashat-Mak-Maliotenam on the north shore near Sept-Îles. She has a strong, warm, and transcendent vocal style and uses it to compose and interpret melodies drawn from both the ancestral music of her people and from a fusion of traditional and contemporary folk rock music.

Her first solo album, Uapen Nuta, was released in June 2022.



19 h


Maten is an Innu band from Mani-Utenam on the north shore, between the St. Lawrence and the boreal forest.

Maten’s band members, Mathieu Mckenzie, Samuel Pinette, and Kim Fontaine, have played hundreds of different shows in Quebec since the late 1990s.

The trio are deeply committed to their community, their language, and their Innu roots, and this is apparent in their album, Utenat (the big city), whose songs reflect their values, their culture, and their pride in their identity.

Maten’s style features a perfect balance of folk and alternative rock, to which the band adds not only traditional Innu songs and rhythms, but also Atikamekw and African styles, creating songs that have a strong cross-cultural identity.



2 p.m.


The jazz music ensemble of the Royal 22e Régiment is a lively and versatile group, made up of passionate and talented musicians who captivate their audience with their musical flair and style. Inspired by Miles Davis’ iconic album, Birth of the Cool, the ensemble transports audiences back to the soft and sophisticated ambience of the cool jazz era of the 1950s. Performing beloved songs such as “Rocker”, “Boblicity”, and “Bernie’s Tune”, the jazz ensemble elegantly revisits the sounds of this revolutionary era in music. Their subtle and refined interpretation pays homage to the distinctive style of cool jazz, characterized by its modal harmonies, its simple arrangements, and its relaxed atmosphere.

Each musician brings their own flair to the ensemble, and together they create a blend of creative solos mixed with rich harmonies and subtle rhythms. Through their energy and passion for music, the jazz ensemble promises an unforgettable evening where jazz meets the timeless freshness of Birth of the Cool.



7 pm


Anne Béland, Claude Béland, and Benoit Labbé are business-minded people from Lévis, well known for their commitment to social issues.


On stage, they share their love of life and their overflowing energy through brilliant covers of songs drawn from a variety of artists, including Elvis Presley, Charles Aznavour, Johnny Hallyday, and Cristophe Maé.

As lovers of modern music, this dynamic trio perform for the simple pleasure of sharing their joy with the audience and making every night a wonderful evening.



8 p.m.


Struck by nostalgia, Marc Hervieux covers the songs that defined his youth, with an air of respect for the original tunes.

He also sings songs from his albums, Nostalgia 1 and Nostalgia 2, in English, Spanish, Italian, and French, with hits from Charles Aznavour, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers, Elvis, Engelbert Humperdinck, Willie Nelson, and Perry Como.