Operational Context

The Battlefields Park is a historical, natural and recreational site located in the heart of Quebec City. The number of its visitors varies according to a series of parameters. For example, unfavourable meteorological, economic or social conditions have an impact on the number of visitors in the park, resulting in a drop in revenue. To offset this disadvantage, the NBC must continue to focus on diversifying its visitors and the form of its services. To do so, it must adapt its range of activities, events and exhibits to the market and always promote them through its promotional tools and the partnerships it has developed.

The NBC must conduct a careful review of its priorities, maintain strict control over its budget and closely monitor project-related expenditures at each stage of development. Its financial leeway is limited to current operations. It must continue to be prepared to intervene immediately in the event of a cost overrun and, when required, to review all budgets and priorities. The NBC is obliged not to carry out any new projects for the period 2020-2021.

The NBC will continue to carry out its essential responsibilities, on the one hand, in terms of conservation through routine maintenance and the park's safety aspect and, on the other hand, in terms of promotion of heritage through enhancement, particularly through the provision of its activities and services. The NBC will continue its efforts to minimize risks to the safety of users and staff and to ensure that its facilities and services meet safety standards. For its part, the NBC's Security Service will maintain its awareness work with park visitors by intervening with a method adapted to the circumstances, either preventive or punitive with the issuance of tickets for infractions.

Every year, the park hosts many events: international competitions, cultural events, races, walks, fundraisers, Fête nationale, and so on. The number of participants in these events varies from hundreds to thousands, depending on the event. Considering the NBC's mandate, maintaining a balance between the historical vocation and the urban park vocation is an ongoing challenge. To meet this challenge, the NBC must rigorously ensure respect for this prestigious, historic, and heritage site by evaluating all land use requests in accordance with its mandate and its Land Use Policy. Furthermore, the NBC will ensure that agreements are respected by conducting rigorous, on-site follow-up, and it will continue to work in collaboration with its partners.

Due to its very central location, the Battlefields Park must continually adapt to the various changes on the periphery of the park and reach agreement with its neighbors, partners and stakeholders. Some construction sites or major events can have a direct impact on the accessibility or integrity of the site.

The NBC will therefore maintain its monitoring of any event or work site near the park and will ensure that mitigation measures are applied.