Three Parking Lots

Montcalm Parking Lot
701 Grande Allée Ouest

Plains of Abraham Museum Parking Lot
835 Wilfrid-Laurier Avenue

Laurier Parking Lot
655 Wilfrid-Laurier Avenue

Parking Lot Fees

  • $2.50 / h (minimum 1 h, except for Laurier Parking Lot, minimum $9.00 for 12 hours)
  • $2.50 $ / additional hour
  • $9.00 $ for 12 hours
  • $18.00 $ for 24 hours
  • Paid parking at all times (24/24 and 365 days a year)


On-street Parking with Meters

Taché Avenue, De Bernière Avenue, George VI Avenue and Grey Terrace

  • Fees: $2.50 / h (minimum $0.25)
  • Fees via Flowbird app: $2.50 / h (minimum 1 hour). The Flowbird app is available on Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Paid parking at all times (24/24) and free on July 1st only

Parking on De Bernières Avenue is currently not available due to works.

Parking with Monthly Pass

De Bernières, de Laune, Montcalm Parking Lot and other sectors

  • Fees: $80.00 / month
  • Information: 418-648-4647

Parking in the De Bernières sector is currently not available du to works.

Parking for people with reduced mobility

People with a disabled parking permit can park free of charge in the blue spaces of the Plains of Abraham Museum, Montcalm and Laurier parking lots, as well as in parking spaces with meters.

Fees include applicable taxes.
Fees are subject to change without notice.