Gender-based Analysis Plus 2021-22

Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) Table

Departmental Plan 2021-2022 National Battlefields Commission

Institutional GBA+ Capacity

The NBC does not have the resources to conduct data analysis and therefore to devote staff to the GBA+.

The NBC will continue to recommend the online course on GBA+ to managers and employees in key sectors (e.g., managers, human resources managers) and to make the training accessible to all employees by posting it on the Intranet.

The NBC will continue to ensure that various identity factors, including gender, age, Aboriginal origin or identity, living with a disability, etc., are taken into account when developing projects and creating or updating services and activities.

Highlights of GBA+ Results Reporting Capacity by Program
Program of Maintenance of infrastructure and security that derives from the core responsibility Conservation
  1. The program has impacts that support the "Poverty reduction, health and well-being'' pillar of the Gender Results Framework as it contributes to the maintenance of good health, both physical and mental.
  2. This program does not, however, collect data to monitor gender and diversity impacts.
  3. The maintenance of infrastructure and security program is intended, among other things, to protect natural, cultural and heritage assets so that the NBC can offer users, regardless of their income, gender, age, etc., free and safe access to Battlefields Park, which is an island of nature and freshness in an urban setting as well as a place to practice many sports. By the very fact, the NBC is helping to reduce social isolation and create a healthier environment.

The NBC ensures the repair and restoration of real estate and heritage properties, to the greatest extent possible, according to universal design, in order to meet the needs of every individual, regardless of age, size, or physical ability.

Program of educational, cultural and heritage activities that derives from the core responsibility Promotion of Heritage
  1. The program has impacts that support the ''Education and skills development'' pillar of the Gender Outcomes Framework by providing equal opportunities and diverse educational pathways.
  2. This program does not, however, collect data to monitor gender and diversity impacts.
  3. In order to allow a diversity of visitors to have access to its historical, heritage and cultural content, the NBC :
  • will maintain and develop the offer of adapted pedagogical activities for newcomers, immersion students in one of the two official languages, persons living with a physical or mental disability and groups with learning difficulties, and will promote and disseminate activities for groups with special education needs (Web site and social media);
  • will maintain free access to the Plains of Abraham Museum for francization groups, holders of the cultural pass for new immigrants and those accompanying persons with disabilities;
  • will continue to offer two free activities for deaf or hard of hearing students in a specialized school in the Quebec City area;
  • will continue to offer certain activities free of charge to economically disadvantaged groups in order to improve accessibility;
  • will be certified by Kéroul as accessible (a non-profit organization whose activities aim to make tourism and culture accessible to people with limited physical ability;
  • will take a number of initiatives to enhance the general public's experience at the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand, including improving universal accessibility by creating a section dedicated to people with reduced mobility.

The NBC will contribute to increasing diversity for this program by presenting an inclusive cultural and historical offering, as evidenced by the following initiatives:

  • highlight the role of women and Aboriginal peoples in Canada in the NBC's activities, development projects and historical publications, in order to promote gender and peoples' equality (e.g. integration of the Aboriginal warrior Atiatonharongwen in a historical activity);
  • will continue to present performances by artists from culturally, ethnically, racially and linguistically diverse communities at the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand.
Internal Services
  1. Internal Services have no impacts that support the Gender Results Framework pillars of "Economic participation and prosperity" and "Leadership and democratic participation".
  2. The NBC does not have sufficient resources to collect and analyze data on its staff. By supporting the Maintenance of infrastructure and security and Educational, cultural and heritage activities programs, Internal Services have indirect repercussions supporting the "Poverty Reduction, Health and Well‑being" and "Education and Skills Development" pillars. However, this program does not collect data to monitor gender and diversity impacts.
  3. The NBC plans to include a reflection on diversity and inclusion in the Service Management Framework it will put in place in 2021-2022. The evaluation of services will be informed by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's introductory document entitled Integrating Gender-Based Analysis Plus into Evaluation: A Primer (2019).

In order to contribute to inclusion and diversity, the communications department :

  • will produce publications on the history of the park in relation to multiculturalism on the various NBC platforms (e.g. National Aboriginal History Month, International Women's Rights Day and Black History Month);
  • insert subtitles in the videos broadcast on its social media.