Green Procurement 2012–2013


National Battlefields Commission (NBC) Report on Activities Implemented
in Compliance with the Green Procurement Policy – Part 7


  • Approach: In 2012–2013, the NBC continued to implement its three-year sustainable development plan drafted in 2010–2011 to ensure a healthy environment and the sustainability of the park. The implementation of the measures described below is supervised by the Secretary/Executive Director.

  • Procurement management procedures and controls

  • Raise employee awareness of using double-sided printing and photocopies;

  • Default printing on leased black and white printers;

  • Adoption of new procedures for the disposal of electronic equipment and some computer components (recycling of laser printer ink and no replacement of small printers);

  • Review of financial procedures to save paper;

  • Inclusion of sustainable development criteria in calls for tender (landscaping maintenance).

  • Green procurement will reduce environmental impacts

  • Better performing irrigation system with a timer for controlled irrigation;

  • Green hygiene products;

  • Environmentally friendly office supplies (pencils, correction tape and fluid, paperclips, etc.);

  • Environmentally friendly plant protection products, organic fertilizer and predators to eliminate insects and mites in greenhouses;

  • Reader for the History Department (fewer books printed);

  • Replacement of LCD computer screens with LED screens in the event of breakage;

  • Conversion to LED lighting in parking lots and issuance of parking rebate coupons on recycled paper;

  • LED lighting in the park to replace mercury lamps.

  • Training: Participation in the one-day information and discussion activity on green procurement practices.

  • Performance evaluation: A meeting was held with all the managers to take stock of 2012–2013. It was not possible to complete the drafting of the awareness guide on responsible procurement for all purchasers in 2012–2013 because resources were assigned to other priorities. The drafting of this guide will begin in the coming year.