Operating context

Operating context

As Canada's first national historic park, Battlefields Park is one of the most prestigious urban parks in the world. The 108-hectare site is managed by the National Battlefields Commission (NBC), which provides access to Canadians. The NBC will implement its action plan in order to achieve its 2022-2025 strategic plan, which defines its ambitions and provides it with the necessary benchmarks to deal with a changing context.

Located in the heart of downtown Quebec City, Battlefields Park is a unique site with a historical, natural and recreational character. The buildings and monuments of heritage value, the archaeological remains, the arboreal heritage, the green spaces owned by the NBC, and the recreational activities practised by the park's users testify to its historic and urban park functions.

The NBC must ensure the sustainability of its built heritage, its territory and its attributes for future generations. Under its enabling legislation, the NBC has a mandate to preserve and enhance its natural and arboreal heritage. This is relevant today and meaningful in the context of climate change.

As manager of the park, the NBC is responsible for ensuring the safety of users and staff by ensuring that its facilities and services meet safety standards.

However, in the present context, the NBC's financial structure is still vulnerable because of the underfunding of operations.

The NBC must also deal with labour shortage issues and adapt to the post-sanitary context.

The Plains of Abraham site is a popular place for holding large-scale events such as international competitions, cultural events, races, walks, fundraisers, the Fête nationale, etc. Given the NBC's mandate, it is essential to maintain a balance between the historical vocation and the urban park vocation. To achieve this, the NBC must rigorously take into account the particularities of this heritage site. Accessibility and the integrity of the site may also be compromised by certain large-scale projects or works. In a spirit of cooperation, the NBC will monitor and supervise any event or work site in the park.