Operating context

Operating Context

The National Battlefields Commission (NBC) manages the unique site of Canada's first national historic park and is responsible for preserving its natural and built heritage.

The year 2020-2021 was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, which inevitably impacted the NBC’s operations. A number of constraints due to the health context arose, such as the postponement of projects and the limitation of expenditure to essential expenses only.

Because of this particular situation, the predominant risk was the impossibility of achieving the budget forecast for revenues from its parking service, its interpretative activities and the Plains of Abraham Museum admission fees.

Certain aspects of work (schedule, sharing of vehicles, etc.) had to be reorganized in order to comply with the public health measures required by the Direction de la santé publique (public health branch). Various consequences of these measures also led to the cessation of operations, including the closing of the Plains of Abraham Museum. Another disappointment for users was the fact that the summer offer of shows at the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand could not be presented given the restrictions that were applied to gatherings and events.

Nevertheless, the NBC listened to the public and managed to offer comforting activities adapted to and compliant with the restrictions that were in effect. In addition, the NBC was able to save the greenhouse plant production and complete the landscaping work in all of the park’s horticultural spaces for the benefit of all users.

The NBC took into account the health restrictions established by government authorities in developing its position with regard to the various requests it received in 2020-2021 for using the site. No events were held on the NBC’s site; however, free and informal use of the site for individual activities (skiing, walking, jogging, etc.) was allowed, much to the delight of users, as a great number of people came to the site for fun and fresh air.

The NBC also maintained its co-operation and partnerships with various stakeholders, including Parks Canada, the City of Quebec, and the Department of National Defence, particularly in the context of projects that have an impact on or around the Park's land. Other promotional partnerships were also developed with Destination Québec cité and Radio-Canada, among others.

Finally, new priorities have been introduced for 2021-2022 and the years to come following the arrival of the new Secretary-Director General. With a view to continuously improving NBC practices and considering current governance realities, meetings have begun in order to develop new ways of doing things within the organization.