Gender-based Analysis Plus 2020-21

Gender-based Analysis Plus 2020-21

Governance structure

When developing projects, creating or updating services and activities, the NBC systematically ensures that the various identity factors are taken into account, including gender, age, Aboriginal origin or identity, living with a disability, etc.

The NBC does not have the resources to conduct data analysis.

Human resources

Not applicable.

The NBC does not have sufficient human and financial resources to assign one FTE to the GBA+.

Planned initiatives

The NBC has carried out the following initiatives with regard to the GBA+ :

  • Highlight the place of women and Aboriginal peoples in Canada in the NBC's range of historical activities, based on available documents and sources, in order to promote gender and peoples' equality;
  • Develop and maintain a range of adapted activities for newcomers, students and adults learning either official language, people living with a physical or mental disability, and groups with learning disabilities;
  • Maintain free access to the Plains of Abraham Museum for French-language groups, holders of the cultural pass for new immigrants and attendants of persons with disabilities. Offer certain activities free of charge in order to improve access for economically disadvantaged groups;
  • Offer a musical program at the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand featuring a variety of artists representing various cultural communities. Promote the inclusion of artists of diverse gender, cultural, ethnic, linguistic and racial communities;
  • Continue to recommend and make available the online course on GBA+ to managers and employees in key sectors. Disseminate and make the training available on the Intranet for all employees.

The NBC will continue to ensure that GBA+ is taken into account in new policy and project proposals.

Reporting capacity and data

Not applicable.

The NBC does not collect specific data on the beneficiaries of its programs to conduct a GBA+ or to publish reports. The NBC does not have the resources required to have the capacity to produce reports and data.