Raison d’être, mandate and role

Raison d’être, mandate and role: composition and responsibilities

Raison d’être

As manager of Battlefields Park in the city of Quebec, the National Battlefields Commission (NBC) makes it possible for Canadians to enjoy the first national historical park in Canada and one of the most prestigious urban parks in the world.

Mandate and Role

The NBC is responsible for the administration, management, conservation and promotion of Battlefields Park in the city of Quebec and manages funds allocated for this purpose. The NBC takes its mandate from the Act respecting the National Battlefields at Quebec, 7-8 Edward VII, c. 57, passed on March 17, 1908, and its amendments. It reports to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage. It is administered by a nine-member Board of Directors. Seven commissioners are appointed by the Governor in Council and the NBC’s enabling legislation authorizes the provinces of Quebec and Ontario to each appoint a member in recognition of their contribution at the time of the creation of the Commission.

The Board of Directors sets the overall direction for achieving the strategic outcome to make the Battlefields Park in the city of Quebec a prestigious, natural, accessible, safe and educational historic and urban site and is responsible for general oversight of the Park’s operations. The Secretary, who acts as Director General, is appointed by the Governor in Council and is responsible for implementation of the overall direction and for day-to-day management of all NBC operations. The Secretary therefore works towards the attainment of the organization’s strategic outcome as well as the targets for each program’s expected results.

The grounds of the NBC constitute one of the most important historic sites in Canada. Commonly called the Plains of Abraham, this is the rallying site par excellence in Québec City. The NBC balances the Plains of Abraham’s historic significance with its role as an urban park. The NBC preserves this heritage for future generations and develops it so that the public fully benefits from its rich resources and Canadians learn about the major events in Canadian history associated with this important site.

For more general information about the NBC, see the “Supplementary information” section of this report. For more information on the department’s organizational mandate letter commitments, see the Minister’s mandate letter on the Prime Minister of Canada’s website.