2017-18 Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

The National Battlefields Commission

2017-18 Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

FSDS goal : a low carbon emission government

FSDS targetFSDS contribut-ing actionCorresponding departmental actionsSupport for UN Sustainable Develop-ment Goal TargetStarting point, target and performance indicator for departmental actionsResults achieved
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from federal government buildings and fleets by 40% below 2005 levels by 2030, with an aspiration to achieve it by 2025. Purchase of vehicles to modernize the vehicle park and to reduce the use of vehicles. 1.1 Order of bicycles in order to establish a bike patrol to insure the safety of the park users. 13.

Starting point : No bike patrols were conducted on the park. Elaboration of an action plan.

Target : For summer 2018, conduct 300 hours of bike patrol.

Indicator : Number of hours of bike patrol.

In 2017-18 bicycles and the necessary equipment for bike patrols have been acquired and the action plan has been implemented.
Improve the use of energy and the energetic efficiency of our buildings/ operations. 1.2 Capture rainfall to make use of it on the park. 13.

Starting point : No watering has been done with rainwater on the park.

Target : For fall 2018, create a rainfall recovery system to ensure the decrease of the consumption of clean water to irrigate the plants and green spaces.

Indicator : Number of litters of reused rainfall.

Realization starting from 2019-20.
1.3 Decrease the water consumption with low flow taps and toilets. 13.

Starting point : The NBC had no low flow plumbing fixtures.

Target : Starting in 2018-19, during replacements, install low flow plumbing fixtures to reduce the quantity of consumed water.

Indicator : Quantity of low flow plumbing fixtures used.

Implementation for the 2018-19 period.