Government Acts of Founded Wrongdoing

Disclosure of Wrongdoing in the Workplace at the National Battlefields Commission

The Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (PSDPA) offers federal public sector employees and other persons a secure and confidential process for the disclosure of serious wrongdoing in the workplace, as well as protection against reprisal.

The PSDPA defines wrongdoing as follows:

- a contravention of any Act of Parliament or of the legislature of a province, or of any regulations made under any such Act;
- a misuse of public funds or a public asset;
- a gross mismanagement;
- a serious breach of a code of conduct;
- an act or omission that creates a substantial and specific danger to the life, health or safety of persons, or to the environment;
- knowingly directing or counselling a person to commit a wrongdoing.

Under paragraph11(c) of the PSDPA, chief executives shall promptly provide public access to information on founded wrongdoing.

Disclosure of Wrongdoing - reports

2017-2018 - No wrongdoing reported
2016-2017 - No wrongdoing reported
2015-2016 - No wrongdoing reported
2014-2015 - No wrongdoing reported
2013-2014 - No wrongdoing reported
2012-2013 - No wrongdoing reported
2011-2012 - No wrongdoing reported
2010-2011 - Report
2009-2010 - No wrongdoing reported
2008-2009 - No wrongdoing reported
2007-2008 - No wrongdoing reported