Commemorative Program

A place of remembrance par excellence, the National Battlefields Park offers citizens an opportunity to emphasize an event dear to their hearts in a natural setting.

Whether the idea is to mark a birth, an anniversary, a death or any other event, the National Battlefields Park, with its remarkable past and one of the most prestigious city parks in the world, comprising the Plains of Abraham and Des Braves Park, among others, is a commemorative site cut out for that purpose.

A tax-deductible donation lets donors choose a splendid tree or a stylish, elegant bench designed for this purpose, with a commemorative plaque, and select the most suitable location available.

You have three different options:Commemorative plaque on a park bench

Tree from the park’s collection
A $500 donation

Planting of a tree
A $1000 donation

Prestige park bench
A $1500 donation

Certain conditions apply.

The donations collected allow the National Battlefields Commission to carry on with its mission for the park’s conservation and development. Each donation entirely covers the actual cost of the tree or bench and is allocated to the production or purchase, and to maintenance. The purpose of the commemorative program is to upgrade the park’s furniture and give the public an opportunity to commemorate a personal event.

People who are interested and who would like more information are invited to inquire to the National Battlefields Commission at 418-649-6172 or at this address: