Service Protocol

This service protocol describes the National Battlefield Commission’s commitment to offering excellent service to users, clients, and public and private organizations. The protocol applies to all services provided by the NBC. Services are to be offered to the public with courtesy and fairness in accordance with the Government of Canada’s Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector.

Our principles:


  • Offer clients various means to contact the NBC: in person, by Internet, email, correspondence, fax and telephone;
  • Communicate with clients in the official language of their choice.


  • Offer reliable service in a timely and useful manner;
  • Provide clear, concise, accurate and complete information.

Services adapted to your needs

  • Consult with clients to fully understand their needs;
  • Process feedback on the quality of services quickly and effectively;
  • Clearly explain decisions and how to challenge a decision where possible.


  • Inform clients of fees associated with certain NBC services and any changes to fees;
  • Disclose information in accordance with the Service Fees Act and its instruments, and the Policy on Service and Digital;
  • Publicize information on service standards, performance targets and results.

Access to information

The NBC is committed to protecting personal information in compliance with The Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. The Access to Information Act gives individuals the right to access records, not personal in nature, under the control of government institutions. The Privacy Act gives individuals the right to access personal information about themselves held by a government institution.

The procedure to make an access to information request is available on the NCB website.

Feedback on the quality of service

Clients are encouraged to provide feedback on their experience with services rendered. Clients can offer comments, make requests or file a complaint by contacting the NBC or completing the client satisfaction survey. Feedback allows the NBC to improve or maintain the quality of services offered.