2014-2015 Green Procurement

Department Performance Report

The National Battlefields Commission


Report of the National Battlefields Commission (NBC) on Efforts Made in Compliance with the Green Procurement Policy – Part 7
Strategies / Comments:
  1. Approach: The NBC was unable to implement the second three-year sustainable development action it had prepared. However, measures from the first plan continued to be applied.

  2. Management processes and controls:
    • Continue raising awareness among employees, suppliers and sub-contractors of the concept of responsible procurement;
    • Continue incorporating sustainable development criteria into calls for tenders;
    • Audit display lighting for Joan of Arc Garden. Part of the analysis was done. The solution was too costly, so the project was postponed;
    • Replace mercury lamps on Gilmour Hill with LED lamps.
  3. Green procurement to reduce environmental impacts:
    • In November 2014, complete the replacement of parking meters in the entire area with environmentally friendly, solar-powered pay-and-display machines;
    • An order was placed in fall 2014 to purchase a new, more modern and less polluting bus;
    • Purchase a cargo vehicle to reduce the number of trips between workplaces and the workshop (equipment in the vehicle);
    • Purchase a minivan for the Cultural and Technical Service and have services exchange vehicles so as to make the best use of the motor vehicle fleet and ensure employees have access to the vehicles they need. This includes transferring Cultural and Technical Service’s vehicle to the parking service, whose old vehicle will go the workshop;
    • Roll-out a mobile application that will reduce the quantity of printed matter;
    • Use electronic signs to provide information and reduce paper consumption;
    • Lease a multifunctional device for NBC administration and dispose of a number of printers. Transfer a multifunctional device to a sector where there is less use, resulting in lower costs.
  4. Training: The NBC was unable to participate as expected in a discussion and information day on green procurement practices because Public Works and Government Services Canada did not provide this activity this year.

  5. Performance assessment: The objectives for all of the planned activities were met except for developing an awareness guide on responsible procurement for all NBC purchasers, which had to be postponed because of more pressing priorities.