Gender-based Analysis Plus

Governance structure

Ensure the integration of GBA+ in the NBC's decision-making processes by setting up a GBA+ follow-up to the management committee that brings together the heads of each sector. This measure will ensure that GBA+ is taken into account in the activities of the NBC.

Human resources

The NBC does not have sufficient human and financial resources to allocate a FTE to GBA+.

Highlighting GBA+ in the organization by recommending to follow the GBA+ online course to managers and coordinators of key sectors (human resources, animation, etc.). Disseminate the course and make it available on the Intranet for all employees.

Planned initiatives

The following initiatives by the NBC are intended to respond to the government's call for action on GBA+:

  • Highlight the role of women and Indigenous peoples of Canada in historical offerings;

  • Maintain the offer of educational activities adapted for newcomers, immersion students in one of the two official languages, persons with physical or mental disabilities and groups with learning difficulties;

  • Build picnic tables for persons with reduced mobility;

  • Purchase and install water fountains for persons with reduced mobility;

The NBC will continue to ensure that GBA+ is taken into account in new policy and project proposals.