The Plains From a Distance

In this time of self-isolation, here are some educational and entertaining activities that will help you discover the history of the Plains from a distance! 



Virtual and historic landscape in Minecraft

Explore Québec in 1759 and learn about this key period of history in a new and original way! Plains of Abraham – Québec 1759 is a virtual and historic landscape which evokes the end of the Siege of Quebec and the battle of the Plains of Abraham. It is available free of charge to all those who own the game Minecraft Java Edition.

Step back in time into a replica of the city based on a detailed and thorough study. Enter buildings of the times destroyed by bombing and view the full extent of the battlefield. Complete also three special missions where you will meet witnesses to these milestone events.



This video is an account of the siege of Quebec in 1759-1760 as described by those who were there. Everything you will hear is based on historic sources, such as personal letters and diaries, describing the siege of the city. Nearly 20 military and civilian witnesses tell their story.For a clearer picture of events, they are grouped together under four categories: French, Canadian, British and Indigenous.

Throughout this emotionally charged account, listen to the echo of those who lived through turbulent times of war. The video is adapted from the immersive projection on the siege of Québec and the battles of the Plains of Abraham presented in the Museum of the Plains of Abraham’s permanent exhibition.



Plunge deep into the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and the preparations that led to it. Relive, side by side with the French, British, Canadians and Indigeneous peoples, the ups and downs of a fight to the finish for the conquest of North America, a landmark in the military history of this country.

This fascinating virtual exhibit includes 67 learning activities (illustrated narratives, interactive maps and games, videos, etc.) for more than 2.5 hours of discovery!

For numerous students grades 5 and 6, the exhibit covers material seen in class.



The contest is now closed. Thank you to all the participants!

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Historical site in the heart of the city, the Plains of Abraham are also at the heart of many people's lives. Be it for a family picnic, a romantic stroll or a morning jog, the park remains a prime location for outdoor activities since generations.

And you, what are your memories from the Plains?

To bring to life the past of this mythical place, we  are appealing to you. Sort out your old photos and send us your best photos of the Plains! Every week, until May 1, 2020, we will post some on social media. You could also win books on the history of the Plains and the history of the battles of 1759 and 1760.

Prizes will be awarded for for the best pictures in the following categories: 
• Black and white
• Romance
• Originality
Coup de cœur

To participate, email your pictures to with the date of the photo and photo credit. Please make sure you have the permission of all recognizable people on the picture. A special mention to those who will find photos with a rainbow! #WeWillBeOk

We will contact the winners via email to send them their prizes. Winners will be announced on May 1, 2020, on our social media platforms.



Virtually explore the Plains of Abraham thanks to our mobile app! Questions, games and videos will help you discover the rich history of this famous urban park. 

  1. Download for free or access online the My Mobile Plains app.
  2. Complete the virtual rally (PDF).
  3. Check your answers against the answer guide (PDF).