Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand

24th musical season of free summer concerts

June 9 to July 3 and July 21 to August 7, 2016
Thursdays through Sundays, at 8 p.m.


2016 Program

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2016 Program
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The weekly schedule will also be available by phone with the infoline: 418-648-4050.


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Through environmental concern, the National Battlefields Commission is taking an even greener turn and won't print the program leaflet anymore. We invite you to consult the program online. Naturally, for the first national historic park in Canada!

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A Summer at the Bandstand,
A Summer of Discoveries

Show at the Edwin-Bélanger

In the heart of the Plains of Abraham, a stone’s throw from Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, rediscover the magnificent stage of the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand.

A standout program of 25 free shows is presented from Thursday to Sunday. It’s a one-of-a-kind setting in the heart of nature where you can discover and enjoy well-known artists and tomorrow’s headliners. Whether you come out for blues, folk, pop, or world music, these concerts are sure to inject a little extra sunshine into your summer.

Info-show line : 418 648-4050
(weekly shows)


Bandstand Varieties

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Break from the routine and treat yourself to a night of music and surprises with the Bandstand Varieties concert series. The Abraham Band musicians will accompany singer Guy Dussault and an assortment of guest singers for a fabulous evening of music and fun.

This series of intimate, exclusive concerts features a wide range of talented artists eager to share their passion for music with audiences.


Edwin Bélanger (1910 - 2005)

M. Edwin Bélanger"Musicians may come and go, but the music remains…"

Inaugurated in 1993, this musical bandstand, which comes alive during the summer, was named after a distinguished personality who greatly contributed to the growth of Québec City’s musical scene: Captain Edwin Bélanger.

A violinist, viola player, conductor, arranger, composer and teacher, this Montmagny native was one of the founders of the Cercle Philharmonique de Québec, an institution he brilliantly directed for seven years. For nine years he also held the reins of the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec, brightening its repertoire with variety and boldness. It was also during this mandate that this inspired man with a heart of gold set up the Matinées symphoniques de l'OSQ, to arouse in children a taste for the magic of music. His 24-year involvement in La Musique du Royal 22e Régiment helped publicize the pieces played by this regiment throughout the world. He was also president of the Association des musicians de Québec.

After enjoying a long-standing, rewarding career, Mr. Bélanger passed away on January 14, 2005, at the age of 94. Many musicians and music lovers will treasure lasting memories of this great man who left his mark on Québec City’s musical and cultural landscape.


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The National Battlefields Commission ask you to choose the winner of the Favorite Show for 2016 award. 

2015 Winner: The winning artist was announced the day after the closing night, on August 10, 2015. Your favorite artist who got your toes tapping and your hands clapping is Jeanick Fournier (Tribute to Céline Dion)! Congratulations!



You will find the pavilion near the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand. This is a friendly rest area where you can have coffee or ice cream among friends. The pavilion houses various services that can help make your visit as enjoyable as it can be.

Please take note that swimming is prohibited in the Centennial Fountain, adjacent to the Pavilion, even for pets.

2016 - Schedule (Pavilion) Every day

Mid-June to September 1st: from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (or after the show is over)

September 2 to mid-June: from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All shows begin at 8:00 p.m.

The program may be modified without prior notice.



On show evenings you can either walk, take a bus, car pool or for $8, park your vehicle near the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand. Our parking attendant will be waiting for you at the green tent from 5:00 p.m. every day. Take the Wolfe-Montcalm Avenue opposite the Musée National des beaux-arts du Québec and head for the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand.

When you use this service, your contribution allows the National Battlefields Commission to continue offering high-quality entertainment free of charge.


Notice about show cancellations

The National Battlefields Commission would like to remind the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand enthusiasts that the shows can only be cancelled if the weather poses a threat to the artists or the spectators. Such a decision will be taken during the evening, at the time the show would be scheduled to begin, to give Mother Nature a fighting chance to cooperate.

The Commission makes a point to present quality entertainment according to the schedule, and cannot postpone a cancelled show, nor host it elsewhere.


Artist Applications

Artists interested in performing for next season of the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand are encouraged to submit their applications with the following, as applicable:

  • Name of the artist or group
  • Number of people in the group at the time of the show and each person’s role
  • Musical style
  • Bio and press kit
  • Music recordings
  • Website of the artist or group
  • Full contact information for the group leader (artist, agent, or other)
  • Asking fee and other details
  • Any other relevant document

By email: information@ccbn-nbc.gc.ca

By mail: Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand – Artist Applications The National Battlefields Commission 390 avenue De Bernières Québec, Quebec Canada G1R 2L7

Please note that only artists selected will be contacted, and materials submitted will not be returned.

The application to the 2016 season is finished.

Your application will be kept for the 2017 season.


 Artistes KEB 2016



































































A-Marie KEBA-Marie’s powerful, soft voice will move you to the depth of your soul. Inspired by Beth Hart, Nanette Workman, Suzan Tedeschi and Etta Jamesa, A-Marie’s repertoire consists of francophone neo-blues music sure to enchant with heartfelt song and lyrics.


Patrick Lehman

Patrick Lehman KEBThis Montrealer by birth is a master at seamlessly blending gospel, R&B, soul, rock and roll, and pop music from the 1960s. The lively rhythms of his songs enliven peoples’ hearts and make them want to dance, while his more emotional songs showcase a vibrant voice inspired by gospel and the blues. Patrick Lehman


Latin Divas

Latin Divas KEBThis vocal and instrumental group knows how to warm up an audience with hot Latino rhythms performed by seven dynamic divas. Treat yourself to the percussions and brass instruments and try a few steps of Latino dancing! Latin Divas


Varieties: sneak peek at the 2016 programming

Varieties KEB trioThe Bandstand has organized a series of shows to liven up your summer – a showcase of newcomers, expected returns and, of course, great evenings under the stars. Attend this exclusive concert featuring a selection of artists from the 2016 programming. Frédérick De Grandpré, Ilam and Karo Laurendeau will be there! 


Mademoizelle Fizz

Mademoizelle FizzThis lover of song with a penchant for jazz is passionate about her art. With two albums to her credit, 2015 marked a turning point in her career with the launching of a first original song, Ibiza Shore, followed in 2016 by À fleur de corps. The artist reveals herself to us though unique, jazzy vocals. Mademoizelle Fizz


Jonathan Roy

Jonathan RoyJonathan Roy scored a hit with his pop-folk song, Daniella Denmark, aired on radios everywhere. This first effort with Corey Hart is only the beginning of a new adventure for the singer and a promising indication of the album to be released this year. His slightly hoarse, yet powerful voice is charming…. just like the man.


Flavia Nascimento

Flavia Nascimento KEBFlavia Nascimento’s dashing, joyous music is a vibrant tribute to Brazil, her country of origin. Her spicy repertoire and rich, warm voice entices audiences to join in the fun. The boundless energy of this artistic soul will tempt you to celebrate with her all night long! 


Frédérick De Grandpré

Frédérick De Grandpré KEBRelive the era of smoky cabarets of yesteryear and great French classics with this new-genre crooner. Evening jazz – chic, languorous, catchy – great music with jazzy, uplifting rhythms and swing beats – in an entertaining, participative and vibrant atmosphere. Frédérick De Grandpré


The Bandstand takes a break during Quebec’s national holiday


The Bandstand takes a break during Quebec’s national holiday



Ilam KEBThis Senegalese native has a style very much his own, spicy, yet sensitive, combining a mixture of vibrant reggae beats with undertones of blues, Afro-folk and a blend of pop and rock. This singer-songwriter-composer bares his soul through his music, offering a very moving performance. Ilam  


Katee Julien and the Grand Orchestre de Roland Martel

Katee Julien KEBWith a flourishing career singing great successes by singers such as Édith Piaf and performances in musical comedies around the world – including Broadway – Katee Julien is certainly at the top of her game. She returns to her musical roots with her father’s great orchestra; with Roland Martel and his musicians, Katee is sure to charm her audience with songs by Frank Sinatra and other timeless classics.


Tea for 20's

Tea for 20'sThis energetic, authentic and festive quartet revives the swing music of the 1920s much to the pleasure of Lindy Hop, blues and Charleston dancers. The talented musicians pay tribute to the roots of jazz with a collection of music by masters such as Cole Porter, Fats Waller and Alex Hill. Enjoyment guaranteed! Tea for 20's



The Bandstand takes a break during Canada Day



Kumbancha KEBA host of original entertainers will add sunshine to your life with the undeniable appeal of their dance-provoking Latin music. Their show features rich and diverse artistic backgrounds with classics like the salsa and merengue, in addition to the cha-cha, cumbia and bachata. Get ready, because these musicians want to become one with the crowd! Kumbancha


Natalie Choquette

Natalie ChoquetteNatalie Choquette is a multilingual soprano unlike any other. For more than 20 years, she has combined a great sense of humour – with opera. Her lively concerts offer messages of hope, solidarity and peace. Accompanied by a talented pianist, she will make you laugh until you cry or charged with emotion!


The Bandstand takes a break during the Festival d’été de Québec


Marie-Claire Linteau Quartet

Marie-Claire Linteau KEBMarie-Claire Linteau’s smooth voice and great sensitivity set her apart.  The young artist in her early twenties has already taken her rightful place in the jazz community. She ever surprises her audience with her gentle, warm and innovative interpretations.


Christian Roberge: Planète Brassens

Christian Roberge Brassens KEBFormer singer, guitarist and founding member of The Lost Fingers band, Christian Roberge, performs jazz-rock arrangements with a hint of Latin rhythms that present some of the greatest Brassens songs in a new light. Embark on a journey to his planet, buoyed along by lyrics sung with a totally charming nonchalance.


Sergiu Popa

Sergiu PopaAn expert in his art, Sergiu Popa has established a reputation as one of the greatest accordionists in Canada. This Moldavian native from Eastern Europe learned traditional folk and Roma (gypsy) music and is also familiar with the Jewish, Turkish, Serbian and Bulgarian styles. Close your eyes and let Sergiu Popa take you on a journey to these countries and their exuberant music.


Jeanick Fournier: Tribute to Céline Dion

Jeanick Fournir KEBShe makes the heart beat faster: Jeanick Fournier sings Céline Dion with all the passion and fervour of the star herself. In 2015, the singer won the Edwin-Bélanger Bandstand Favorite Show award. She is back again this year much to her fans’ great delight.



Magneto KEBThree talented and experienced musicians who have travelled hundreds of kilometres on tour with renowned artists, get together for the simple pleasure of creating sound of their very own. Guitarists Rick Haworth and Mario Légaré, and drummer Sylvain Clavette, form Magneto, and perform in a state of unbridled liberty of expression.


Matt Laurent & Lucky Uke

Matt Laurent KEBMatt Laurent’s gravelly voice will serve you a summer cocktail of popular, rearranged pop songs. Matt and his faithful musicians use their ukuleles to play music evocative of beaches and sand, promising the audience a pleasant evening filled with good vibes, extravagance and energy.


Florent Vollant

Florent Vollant KEBHis new album entitled Puamuna, which means “dream”, offers deep and sensitive insight into the world of the Innu through an overview of the spiritual life and the realities and aspirations of the Innu people. This Innu icon returns to the very source of traditional song – and its birthplace – namely dreams.      


Karo Laurendeau

Karo LaurendeauEndearing, vibrant and ever prepared to instill happiness through song, Karo will present to you songs of her latest album, Le vin de mon voisin, as well as other songs familiar to you that she loves to perform. Let yourself move to the rhythms of Karo Laurendeau’s pop/rock-tinged country music.



Casual Rites

Casual Rites KEBThe group from Quebec offers up a blend of raw and sometimes introspective melodies. Inspired by the southern United States and the roots of rock, blues and folk music, Casual Rite's music is a hymn to freedom and life without constraints, to wide open spaces and dusty roads.


Cynthia Harvey

Cynthia HarveyAfter several musical performances, Cynthia participated in the popular television show, La Voix, and became a Marie-Mai team candidate. Backed by a strong team of collaborators, she cut her first album during the winter of 2016. Her songs offer a blend of folk and rock music with a tinge of pop. Cynthia Harvey mirrors strength, fragility, warmth, pleasure and passion.


Malika Tirolien

Malika TirolienHer enchanting, magical and enveloping voice mesmerizes audiences with incredible vocal performances showcasing the power and depth of jazz-soul. Her work is influenced by her Caribbean origins, hip hop and African music. The effect produced is a gem in its own right. Malika Tirolien


Varieties: 1960s to 1990s French radio

Variétés KEB franco-radioFor this last concert of the summer, the Abraham Band takes you on a trip down memory lane with exclusive performances by several surprise guest artists. The showcase tonight: francophone hits played constantly on the radio during the 1960s to the 1990s. Yours to enjoy!