Historical Day

Order and Law (1759-1760)

September 11, 2016

1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.Journée historique
At Martello Tower 1 and the surrounding area.

Information : 418 649-6157 / 1-855-649-6157


Discover a little-known side of the history of the two battles of the Plains of Abraham. Meet historical figures — soldiers, artisans, leaders, and criminals — and learn more about their work, their crimes, period laws, and the dire consequences for those who broke them.

Historical stations, activities, and period atmosphere to the beat of the sound of cannon and musket fire. A day with no entrance fee, where history and entertainment artfully combine!


In former times, the Plains were governed by law and military discipline. Discover the Second Battalion of the Béarn Regiment in full military mode and attend a demonstration of the loading of a period cannon to the rhythm of the drum of the Canonniers-Bombardiers and the Garnison de Québec.

Remain alert, you may see a wanted criminal who will try to justify his crime or an executioner who will explain to you the different types of punishment meted out during the era when the people in the army and community failed to abide by the law and order. Charlotte, on the other hand, is never far from the men. She meets with brave soldiers in the brothels in town or on the Plains, away from prying eyes.

Visit the distiller's camp to learn more about the commercial and artisanal production of alcohol and the drinking habits of military personnel and civilians. A peasant from the 18th century awaits you to discuss the matter! A weapons maker, blacksmith and shoemaker will invite you to visit their stands to demystify their trades... and to tell you some tales and amusing stories. Learn also about the reality of the First Nations in 1759-1760 from stories told by Mrs. Obomsawin.

Many other figures will be on hand to entertain and inform you about the era when order and law prevailed on the Plains. Bring the whole family!

A glimpse

The "Order and Law" Historical Day that will take place on September 11 will talk about many aspects of maintenance of discipline during the 1759 siege of Quebec.

Here is a real example of what can happen to a French or British soldier who brakes rules.

2016 Historical Day

Canoniers en costume d'époque

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